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Welcome to iVIVA

We are a different kind of gym and equipment provider. Whether your aim is to lose weight, tone up, or simply be healthy, we provide you with the technology and knowledge to take control and make ourselves available to you along this journey. We combine the latest concepts in exercise with cutting edge technology, add common sense nutrition, and shake it up.


iVIVA = Your body's quick stop for preventive maintenance! Get in. Get on. Get iVIVA.


New to iVIVA?
Your first visit is free (no appointment needed)!


Membership includes:

  • Up to 20 minutes of whole body vibration exercise/therapy (training included)
  • Up to 15 minutes of FAR infrared sauna
  • All the filtered alkaline ionized water you can drink in studio
  • Breathing the fresh clean ionized air (Himalayan salt)
  • Experiencing the amazing benefits you get from frequenting our studio!


Membership Fees = $49/month. Your membership is month to month. NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS and NO HIDDEN FEES!

Gym Facilities - as a member you have access our whole body vibration machines, FAR infrared saunas, filtered ionized alkaline water, Himalayan salt ionized atmosphere, and our trainers.

Group Classes - we offer select group classes. Please check the calendar to find out what's coming up.

Personal Trainers - our trainers will get you on the right track fast. No matter what your goals iVIVA will make a difference.